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Valve Piezo, Leak off connector 1 way, Leak off connector 2 ways, Nozzle Nut, O-Ring, Copper Washer and etc.

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More Info About Piezo Injector & Repair Kits

Piezoelectric technology is the modern Common Rail diesel heart. Its innovative technology led to greater efficiency, performance and reduced emissions. The crystal

component is fundamentally critical: it generates an electrical charge when a mechanical stress is applied likewise changes its shape when an electrical charge is

applied as well. It acts up to 5 times faster than a standard injector solenoid and motion is frictionless. The greatest advantage of Piezo technology is fuel delivery rate

and precision since the actuator can be easily activated and deactivated.

At the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show, Siemens®, Bosch® and Delphi® all launched piezoelectric fuel injection systems. Piezo actuators appeared on Bosch’s thirdgeneration

Common Rail system on Audi’s new 3L V-6 TDI engine that is optional on the A8 flagship. 

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