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All range of OEM control valve set for the injector of the Common Rail System, high-pressure pumps applied for

Dodge Cummins 5.9L,Dodge Cummins 6.7L

Duramax LLY 6.6L,Duramax LMM,Duramax LB7 6.6L,

Ford 6.0,Ford 7.3 HEUI and etc.

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More Info About CR Injector Control Valve

The key component in the Common Rail injector is the control valve assembly. In this assembly, fuel under very high pressure passes through an orifice, which is sealed by a check ball around 1mm in diameter. A new control valve body surface is a uniform grinding of the orifice. Contamination from water and other debris has an abrasive effect on the orifice and can quickly lead to a poor seal between the valve and the check ball, resulting in poor injector performance including starting issues, poor fuel economy and performance, and rough running. When the control valve bodies which have had check ball seat erosionor a control valve body and plunger which have been exposed to water, a brand new common rail control valve is needed.

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